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June 1, 2017
Keep Your Convertible Top from Going from Riches to Rags

by Brian Turner - Driving.CA

With care, a soft top can last as long as your car
While some might consider a vehicle with a folding fabric top rather unsuited for Canadian driving, there are a lot of enthusiasts who have a hard time hearing that argument due to the wind rushing by their ears. But the last thing any droptop owner wants to face is the cost of replacing the fabric and/or back-glass due to wear or stains. Those bills can let the joyous air out of open-air motoring very quickly.

Seeing that warm driving weather is finally upon us, a few tips on maintaining and cleaning a convertible top are right on time.

First, it’s important to know which type of top your ride is equipped with. They can be sorted into two categories: fabric/canvas or vinyl. An easy way to tell is to dribble a small amount of water on the surface of the roof and move it around with your fingers. If it soaks into the fabric, it’s canvas type. If it mostly lies on the surface and beads off, it’s likely vinyl.

The best place to tackle a convertible top cleaning and treatment job is under cover; doing it outside risks having the cleaner sun-bake on the material (leaving stains), and/or bringing new dirt into the mix. Thoroughly rinse the top before starting any cleaning to remove any grit that could dissolve and stain. Vacuuming the material using a soft dust-brush attachment can achieve the same results.

Two of the best brands of rag-top cleaner and treatments are Meguiar’s and RAGGTOPP. The latter carries individual products for both vinyl and canvas tops, as well as treatments for flexible back-glasses. Don’t use any regular scrub brush when applying and working the cleaner as they can tear and fuzz canvas tops. A medium length bristle brush is your best bet. Try the brush on the back of your hand first. If it doesn’t hurt your skin under moderate to heavy pressure, it should be safe for your top.

Follow the cleaner’s instructions and complete a large enough section of the roof at a time to avoid having the cleaner dry out. Rinse thoroughly to make sure all the cleaner residue is off. A good indicator is when no visible suds are apparent. Don’t use high water pressure; as with canvas tops, you can damage the fibers and allow water into the cabin.

Before applying any weather-proofing treatment, the top has to be perfectly dry. You can either wait a day or speed up the process with a blow dryer or an absorbent towel. When using a towel, employ the blot dry method only as dragging the towel across the top’s material may damage or fuzz the fibers.

Don’t forget the underside and mechanics of the top. Convertibles usually use thick porous foam rubber weather-seals, and an annual treatment of these with spray silicone lubricating compound can go a long way to keeping them from dry-cracking or wearing against hard surfaces. Soft-top folding frame joints can also benefit from a quick spray of lubricant; silicone spray can also be used here. Keep a few shop or paper towels handy to catch any drips.

December 6, 2016
The Haartz Corporation and Wolfsteins Develop New Cleaning Brush Exclusively for Soft-Top Convertibles

Care and maintenance is critical to extending the life of a vehicle – whether it’s the engine or the exterior. The Haartz Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of convertible soft-top material understands the importance, which is why they partnered with Wolfsteins, maker of RAGGTOPP convertible care products to develop a customized premium convertible top brush.

The RAGGTOPP Premium Convertible Top Brush is the first brush developed and endorsed by The Haartz Corporation in the company’s 109-year history. The brush’s bristles are made from fibrillated Nylex, which is soft, yet strong, to gently loosen the dirt and debris from the convertible top. The bristles clean gently and do not damage acrylic cloth or vinyl convertible tops materials.

“We manufacture our topping products to the exacting specifications of the world’s leading automakers. Extending that precision to the development of a brush that effectively cleans the topping while minimizing damage to the fabric seemed like a natural step,” said Matthew Williams, director of business development for The Haartz Corporation. “Through our partnership with Wolfsteins on RaggTopp cleaning products, it made perfect sense for both of our organizations to develop a tool to help convertible owners protect their investment.” “Our partnership with Haartz on the RAGGTOPP cleaner really helped to set the groundwork for development of this brush,” said Rick Goldstein, chief executive officer and co-founder of Wolfsteins Pro Series. “By working directly with Haartz we have had access to key research, development and testing. This has enabled us to partner on a brush that coupled with our other cleaning products will help owners maintain that new car shine for their convertibles.”

The brush features an ergonomically designed natural wood block that’s easy to grip, making cleaning the entire convertible top near effortless.

The brush features an ergonomically designed natural wood block that’s easy to grip, making cleaning the entire convertible top near effortless. READ MORE
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