RAGGTOPP Exterior Detailing Kit

RAGGTOPP Exterior Detail Kit
RAGGTOPP™ Exterior Detailing Kit

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RAGGTOPP™ Exterior Detailing Kit Gives You Everything You Need to Detail Your Paint, Glass and Headlights!

  • RAGGTOPP Paint Sealant Kit Boosted by Polycharger® for Durable Long Lasting Protection
  • RAGGTOPP Glass Window Clean & Protect Treatment Easy One Step Clean & Protect Glass Treatment
  • RAGGTOPP™ Plastic Headlight Cleaner & Protectant Easy One Step Process to Correct Cloudy Headlights and Leave Them Clear, Bright, and Safe
  • Zezo-Fiber ZAP® Cloth The Wet It, Wring It, Wipe It Do-It-All Cleaning Towel
  • CanGun 1 Pistol Grip Spray Can Tool
  • 2 Microfiber Towels and Two Applicator Pads

Price: $64.99


RAGGTOPP Exterior Detailing Kit gives you everything you need to detail your paint, glass and headlights!

RAGGTOPP™ Paint Sealant Boosted by Polycharger® offers longevity in protection and stunning shine. It also goes on faster and comes off easier than traditional waxes and paint sealants.

Our RAGGTOPP Paint Sealant Kit creates a deep wet-looking shine with months of durable protection against the UV rays, road grime, bird droppings, rain and other elements of nature and man.

Why a paint sealant vs. car wax? Paint Sealants are easy to apply, bonds to the paint and protects much longer than car waxes.

Most car waxes and paint sealants fail to cross-link when applied to the surface of a vehicle. In most cases, these failed cross-links are overcome by volume. RAGGTOPP™ Paint Sealant Boosted by Polycharger® forces cross-linking to begin immediately in the liquid state where most waxes and protective sealants simply fail.
This innovative nano-molecular technology allows a level of protection that can last for an entire season.

Fast and easy to apply to all single stage and clear coat finishes with no harmful abrasives to cause paint swirls or scratches.

RAGGTOPP™ Glass Window Clean & Protect Treatment
is a one-step method for cleaning and protecting automotive, marine and household exterior glass in minutes.

RAGGTOPP Glass Window Clean & Protect Treatment forms a chemical bond with the glass creating surface tension which increases water repellency, causing water to bead up and roll off. Greatly improves visibility while driving in rain, sleet or snow.

When used regularly RAGGTOPP Glass Window Clean & Protect Treatment will help bugs, road grime, bird droppings and other forms of contamination from sticking to your glass so cleaning becomes quick and easy.

Do Not Use On Plastic or Vinyl Windows

RAGGTOPP™ Plastic Headlight Cleaner & Protectant is an easy one step cleaner and protectant method to correct yellow, cloudy, hazy headlights leaving behind protection to keep them clear, bright and safe.

RAGGTOPP™ Plastic Headlight Cleaner & Protectant contains a thick cleaner that removes film, dirt and UV oxidation along with the elements of nature and man that attaches to plastic headlights. It removes yellow, UV lines, spotting from acid rain, minor scratches from carbon plastic automobile headlights.

Easy to use, and no power tools required. Simply, spray, wipe over surface, buff off and you are finished!

Works great to clean and protect taillights, motorcycle cowlings and windshields too.

Use RAGGTOPP™ Plastic Headlight Cleaner & Protectant on your headlights before oxidation sets in as well as to maintain them at least once each season.

Do Not Use of Plastic or Vinyl Windows

CanGun 1 Pistol Grip Spray Can Tool tool easily snaps on to RAGGTOPP™ Fabric Protectant, BIMINI TOPP™ Premium Marine Fabric Protectant or any other standard aerosol spray cans, transforming them into professional style spray guns with unprecedented control, for hours of effortless, pain-free spraying.

Double leverage action with exclusive internal design substantially reduces, on average, 10X less, the amount of force required to actuate the can’s valve, thereby providing effortless spraying.

Arthritis-friendly ergonomic comfort grip design keeps hands mess free.

Zezo-Fiber ZAP® Cloth Advanced Cleaning Technology polishes as it cleans. Tough on dirt, gentle on surfaces. Wet it, wring it and wipe any surface streak free, spot free, and lint free. Never streaks on glass, mirrors or windows.

Great to use inside and outside on boats, cars, homes, motorcycles, RVs & trucks, no toxic smells from glass or interior cleaning agents save buy multiple cloths to keep for everyday jobs.

Use Zezo-Fiber Zap Cloths on all your glass, mirrors, floors, counters, furniture, stainless, chrome and anything non-porous and it will come out dust free and shiny clean with water alone.

The Zezo-Fiber Zap Cloth is the ultimate window cleaner. It cleans with just water and leaves absolutely no chemicals, lint or streaks behind. This is due to the revolutionary, patented technology which produces the Zezo-Fiber material.

RAGGTOPP™ Paint Sealant Kit:
  • RAGGTOPP Paint Sealant 8 oz
  • RAGGTOPP™ Plastic Headlight Cleaner & Protectant NET Weight 6 Ounces (170 Grams)
  • RAGGTOPP™ Glass Window Clean & Protect Treatment NET Weight 6 Ounces (170 Grams)
  • Foam Sealant Applicator Pad
  • Premium Plush Blue Microfiber Towel

Proudly Made in the USA

RAGGTOPP Glass Window Clean & Protect Treatment RAGGTOPP Plastic Headlight Cleaner & Protectant

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